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Test out the Demo!

  1. Install Metamask.
  2. Switch to the Sepolia testnet. Click the top left Network button in Metamask. Toggle Show test networks. Select Sepolia.
  3. Get some SEP (Sepolia testnet ETH) from Alchemy, Infura,, or Quicknode.
  4. Visit and connect your wallet below the navbar.
  5. Register a user with the YapBay Account contract at /app/register.
  6. View and edit your user profile at /app/profile, if you like.
  7. Create an offer with the YapBay Offer contract at /app/offers/create, if you like.
  8. View all offers and edit your offers at /app/offers
  9. Select a Buy Offer (first) and then a Sell Offer. Click the Chain Offers button to create a Chained Trade, or fiat-to-fiat (F2F) remittance!
  10. See below to get an idea of the trade flow after creating the Chained Trade / Remittance.

Deck Slides

Here is the trade (remittance) flow after creating the chained trade.

Slide 1Slide 2Slide 3Slide 4Slide 5

Or download the PDF.

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